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Rude Health Muesli Nutty Crunch

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You're in rude health when... You kick off your shoes and dance - on a bus. Every puddle is a water jump. You overtake triathletes on your folding bike. Food for thought What we leave out is just as important as what we put in. If you'd like to hear us rant about the ins and outs of food, farming and other words starting with F, drop into Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram /rudehealth The world's crunchiest muesli. Fruit free. 7 whole grains. High fibre. No refined sugars. No added salt. No artificial anythings. Vegetarian Society approved. Kosher - KLBD.Hello!At Rude Health, we choose the best of the best ingredients and put them together in ways that make their natural flavours sing. No need to fortify or falsify. No need to mess with the planet. With great food inside us, we feel we can do just about anything.Eat right, stay brilliant.If you like the crunchy texture of this muesli, you'll love its warmer cousin:5 Grain 5 Seed Porridge has five whole grains and five seeds for blend with bite.