Benadryl Allergy NaturEase Nasal Spray

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NaturEase Nasal Spray This medical device contains Ectoin®, a natural ingredient sourced from microorganisms that survive in extreme environments such as geysers and salt lakes. The Ectoin® solution supports the body's natural protection barrier against irritants.Benadryl® Allergy NaturEase™ Nasal Spray helps manage nasal allergy symptoms. It works by cleansing and soothing the irritated nasal passage, using 100% natural ingredients. This product can be used in addition to your allergy medication. Pack Size: 10ml With ectoin and natural alpine salt Helps clear allergens from the nose Soothes irritation Instant cleaning effect Helps to reduce mucus-trapped allergens Soothing care 100% naturally-sourced ingredients Free of chemical additives & preservatives Can be used without risk of rebound congestion