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Tommee Tippee Baby Healthcare & Grooming Kit

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Baby Care Kit Keeping your baby happy and healthy is your number one priority. The Closer to Nature baby care kit has 9 essential items for looking after your baby at home and awayEvery moment you share with your baby is special.But they do take an awful lot of looking after!This baby care kit contains everything you need to care for your little one, all tucked into a handy little case.Clipping, filing and brushing has never been so easy! Feed you way.However you choose to feed your baby, our closer to nature range is designed to make feeding a relaxed and happy experience for both of you:To help with breastfeeding: Manual and electric breast pumpsTo help with bottle feeding:150ml and 260ml feeding bottles, decorated bottles, electric warmer, perfect prep™ machine50 Years Expertise Materials listing: Steel, ABS, Polypropylene, TPE, Nylon, TPR, PMMA, Silicone, Acrylate, PVC, Neoprene, Polyester, wood, paper, silica. Complete care - 9 baby essentials Digital Oral Thermometer Nasal aspirator Toothbrush Scissors Nail Clippers Comb Brush Emery boards Carry Case