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For more information on the Snufflebabe range of decongestant products go to A blocked up nose can be distressing when your baby is small. It can stop your little one from sleeping and eating, making them tired and irritable. Snufflebabe Nasal Drops can help. They're safe, effective and suitable for all ages, from newborns up.What are they for? Clearing little blocked noses caused by congestion often associated with allergies, hay fever, dry nasal mucosa and other respiratory problems.How do they work? Pollen, dust, viruses and bacteria can all collect in the nose. Snufflebabe Nasal Drops help rinse them out and restore moisture, making your baby's nose feel more comfortable. Phew!Did you know? These drops used to be called nasosal, but have since been welcomed into the Snufflebabe family of products. Try using them before you use the Snufflebabe Nasal Aspirator: they help loosen dried mucus, so you can use the Aspirator to physically clear your baby's nose. Say hello Snufflebabe Nasal Drops are distributed by DDD Ltd, a family owned company. We care deeply about making the right products for you and your family. Pack Size: 10ml Gentle saline that clears your baby's nose naturally Suitable from birth Newborns, infants and children Sterile, safe & effective saline nasal drops