Tommee Tippee Thermal Travel Bags

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Insulated Bottle Bags Every moment you share with your baby is specialDays out can be especially fun, but there's always so much to think of.Our insulated bottle bag helps by making sure you always have a bottle that's ready to go, so both of you can relax and enjoy the day!It's great to be out and about with your baby, but having a bottle ready when you need one can be tricky.Here's how the Closer to Nature insulated bottle bag can help:1 Keeps bottles warms for up to 4 hours*2 Convenient handle easily fastens to buggy or bag3 Fits all tommee tippee bottles and most food jars* Times may vary depending on temperature of contents and environment 50 Years ExpertiseFeed your way.However you choose to feed your baby, our closer to nature range is designed to make feeding a relaxed and happy experience for both of you:To help with breastfeeding:Breast pads, manual and electric breast pumpsTo help with bottle feeding:150ml and 260ml feeding bottles, decorated bottles, advanced comfort™ bottles, electric bottle warmer, perfect prep™ machine Materials listing: Nylon, Polyester, EVA, Metal (zipper tag). Keeps your baby's bottle warm or cool Compact lightweight For feeding on the go!