Tommee Tippee Electric bottle & food warmer

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Electric bottle and food warmer When your baby's hungry you want a quick, easy and safe way to warm up their bottle or food. Here's how the closer to nature® electric bottle and food warmer can help:1 Fits most bottles and food jars2 Warms milk in 4 minutes*3 Helps preserve nutrients in the feed4 Adjustable control dial* Warming times depend upon capacity and starting temperature of feed. Warming time of 4 minutes is based on heating a 150ml serving of milk from ambient room temperature (20°C).Every moment you share with your baby is special.But when your baby is hungry, things can change from happy to stressful very quickly!Our Closer to Nature electric bottle and food warmer makes life easier for both of you, by heating milk or food to the right temperature in minutes.A great way to save time and tears! 50 Years ExpertiseFeed your way.However you choose to feed your baby, our closer to nature range is designed to make feeding a relaxed and happy experience for both of you:To help with breastfeeding: Manual and electric breast pumpsTo help with bottle feeding:150ml and 260ml feeding bottles, decorated bottles, advanced comfort™ bottles, perfect prep™ machine Materials listing: ABS, polypropylene. Heats quickly and evenly Quick and easy Warm milk in 4 minutes