Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine

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Perfect Prep™ Machine Every moment you share with your baby is special.But when your baby is hungry and demanding a bottle, things can change from happy to stressful very quickly!Our Closer to Nature Perfect Prep machine makes life easier for both of you by delivering a fresh bottle at body temperature in under two minutes. The perfect way to save time and tears!You know it's better to make fresh bottles as your baby needs them, but with so many things to do it can seem impossible. Our closer to nature® Perfect Prep machine is here to save time and tears, giving you a fresh bottle at body temperature in under two minutes. Here's how it all works:1 The Hot ShotPress to release a hot shot of water into your bottle. At 70ºC this will kill bacteria that may be present in your formula.2 The FormulaScoop the desired amount of powder into the hot shot of water and shake to dissolve, then pop your bottle back under the dispenser.3 The Top UpPress again to top up your bottle with cooler water, and you're done - a fresh bottle at body temperature, all in under two minutes. 50 Years ExpertiseFeed your way.However you choose to feed your baby, our closer to nature range is designed to make feeding a relaxed and happy experience for both of you:To help with breastfeeding:Breast padsManual and electric breast pumpsTo help with bottle feeding:150ml and 260ml feeding bottlesDecorated bottlesAdvance comfort™ bottlesElectric bottle warmerElectric steam steriliser Bottle & teats complies with EN 14350Materials listing:Perfect Prep Machine™; Polypropylene, Styrene Acrylonitrile, Carbon, Polyethylene terephthalate, IEX Resin, Polysulfone, Silicone rubber Bottle; Polypropylene & SiliconeMilk storage lid; Polypropylene Makes a fresh bottle at body temperature in 2 minutes Quick & easy - the perfect bottle in 2 minutes Filters water 10 x faster than a kettle Accurate dilution