DA13 Hearing Aid Batteries

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DA13 Hearing Aid Batteries Duracell offers a wide range of hearing aid batteries to be used in hearing aid that require reliable power.. The Duracell EasyTab hearing aid battery is easy to hold, replace and remove. The longest Tabs on the market makes it simple to handle, and its lightweight packaging is easy to open. EasyTab hearing aid batteries are colour coded per size, orange for size 13. Duracell - An electrifying storyIn 1920 the scientist Samuel Ruben and the tungsten filament wire manufacturer Philip Rogers met - and ignited a spark right away. Both men saw the opportunity to revolutionize battery technology. From the creation of the mercury cell, that worked even in harsh conditions in the 1940s, to the improvement of the alkaline manganese battery to be more durable: the then founded Mallory Battery Company provided the world with much needed forms of battery power. Until today, Duracell has been delivering portable battery power that constantly improves and adapts to the demands of the people that need them. Since 1973, the brand has been accompanied by the always-energetic Duracell Bunny - one of the most recognized brand icons across the globe. The Bunny continues to show people how Duracell batteries outlast all others, no matter the challenge, and gives the brand an engaging and lively personality. The constant innovations and affectionate approach to the power given by batteries shows that Duracell truly electrifies the world. Longest tab in market for easy handling Lightweight, easy-to-open packaging Colour-coded by size EasyTab hearing aid batteries are available in sizes 10, 13, 312, and 675 1.45 volt