Duracell 45 Minutes Charger & 2 AA Batteries

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45 Minutes Charger Duracell Fast 45 minutes charger only takes 45 minutes to charge 2 AA batteries* It comes with 9 safety features, like protection against over and low voltage or short circuit. It comes also with a safety timer, to shutdown the charging system after a set amount of time. Duracell Fast 45 minutes charger can charge 2 or 4 batteries at the same time, in combined slots. Duracell Starter Kit charger is guaranteed for 10 years *Approx 85% of full charge when using Duracell 1300mAh AA NiMH batteries 2 AA batteries ready in 45 minutes (approx. 85% full of charge, when using Duracell 1300 mAh AA NiMH Batteries)