Bob Martin Bob Martin Clear Wormer Granules for Cats & Kittens from 3 Months 3 x 222.2mg

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Need more advice or have any questions? Contact Zoe, our Bob Martin vet, on Visit us Call us 0844 748 0108 Email us at Write to FREEPOST BOB MARTIN (no further address required) Bob Martin Clear Wormer Granules for Cats & Kittens is a highly effective treatment for roundworm and round worm eggs.There is no permanent treatment for worms, and there aren't always symptoms. Veterinarians recommend that cats be wormed regularly, every 3-6 months as a routine measure.This product has been specially developed to make worming easy - simply sprinkle the correct amount of granules onto your cats food to keep them healthy and roundworm free.Clinically proven... Roundworms are contracted in different ways, meaning that at sometime in their lives cats will have roundworm. Roundworms can also be ingested from the area it lives, or by hunting.Infection in kittens is often through the mothers milk. It is also important to protect your home and pet against fleas. Control fleas around the home with a suitable product such a Bob Martin Clear Home Flea Spray and protect your pet by applying Bob Martin Clear Spot On regularly.Give your home the All-Clear...In addition to using Bob Martin Clear Wormer Spot on for Cats, any pets in the home should also be treated regularly with a suitable flea product.1- Treat pets for fleas2- Worm pets - fleas carry worms3- Treat your home (if treating a flea burden)Bob Martin Clear offers a comprehensive range of pest control products in a variety of applications to suit your needs; tablets, granules, spot ons, sprays, collars, powders, as well as a range of Pesticide Free options. UK Authorised Veterinary Medicinal Product