Whiskas 2-12 Months Kitten Complete Dry with Chicken

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Complete Pet Food for Kittens and Pregnant or Lactating Queens. Developed with our nutritionists and veterinarians of WALTHAM®: WALTHAM™ The world's leading authority on pet care and nutrition www.waltham.com Whiskas dry kitten food has tasty filled Pockets® that are crunchy on the outside with a soft and delicious milky filling for your kitten. Your kitten is growing every day. That's why Whiskas 2-12 months has the right amount of calcium and phosphorus to support growing bones and developing joints, and is packed with energy to help kittens pounce and jump. And don't forget those all-important vitamins and minerals they need to keep them in tip-top health. WHISKAS® understands that little cats share the same natural instincts as big cats. You love your cat's independent spirit and you want to give the best possible care. That's why for over 50 years everything from WHISKAS® has been carefully prepared with delicious high quality ingredients, containing all the essential nutrients your cat naturally needs for a 100% complete and balanced diet. Nutritional needs will change throughout their life that's why the Whiskas range offers delicious meals specially formulated to give your cat the diet they need, at the age they need it: up to 12 months old, one year plus, and over seven years. Nurture the big cat inside your little cat with WHISKAS®. Pack Size: 2kg Whiskas dry cat food is 100% complete & balanced Specially formulated with all the nutrients your kitten needs to grow into a healthy cat Our extra small kibbles can be easily eaten by your kitten and are gentle on little tummies Yummy easily digestible chicken to help support your kitten's digestive tract Crunchy kibbles with calcium to support the development of healthy bones and teeth Extra small biscuits that can be eaten easily by your Kitten Increased Vitamin E and Taurine to help to support natural defences and a healthy immune system Proteins to support his healthy growth and the energy he needs to run and play The right balance of vitamins & minerals just for him With calcium to help his bones and teeth grow strong and healthy