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Go Cat Complete Senior with Chicken Rice & Vegetables

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Complete pet food for senior cats 7+ Specially formulated for senior cats of 7+ yearsOlder cats tend to rest more and run less, burning less energy and requiring fewer calories from their food. High quality protein becomes more important to help keep your senior cat in good shape and to support his vitality.Go-Cat® Senior 7+ is great tasting, 100% complete and balanced nutrition with wholesome chicken, vegetables and rice. Specially formulated, it contains high quality protein to meet the nutritional needs of senior cats.Go-Cat® for Senior cats supports your cat's health, vitality and happiness year after year, so that he can continue to surprise and delight your home every day! The Go-Cat promise - great taste, by Purina experts, 100% complete nutritionGo-Cat® offers a great range of products to suit every age and lifestyle:Kitten - For healthy growth of kittensIndoor - Helps reduce hairball development in Indoor catsAdult - For healthy body conditionCrunchy & Tender - Two delicious textures of crunchy and softer kibbles Pack Size: 2kg Toned muscles - supported by high quality protein Healthy vision and heart - supported by taurine Healthy teeth and bones - supported by essential minerals and vitamin D