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Gourmet Mon Petit with Tuna Salmon & Trout

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Complete petfood for adult cats Come and meet me on my very own website www.gourmet Complete petfood for adult catsGourmet Mon Petit. Freshly served pleasure at just the right size. Smaller Portions, More Variety and No LeftoversJust like you, your connoisseur cat loves variety and so you want him to enjoy different flavours throughout the day so he doesn't get bored of his food. New Gourmet Mon Petit is a range of exquisite Gourmet recipes specially developed to let your cat enjoy a wide variety of flavours in the right size for him: fine cuts with meat or fish cooked in delicious sauce for an excellent meal. Passionately crafted by Gourmet, new Gourmet Mon Petit is available in a small 50g pouch, so that every one of your cat's meals can be freshly served to eat all at once, meaning more enjoyment and variety for him, and no waste or leftovers for you.Gourmet Mon Petit... a variety of delectable meals that are just the right size.Discover the delicious world of Gourmet Mon Petit. Pack Size: 50g Tempting recipes with fish in small servings Right quantity, no leftovers Small servings in 50g 3 indulgent flavours in this pack The taste I adore the size I prefer 2x with Tuna 2x with Salmon 2x with Trout