IAMS Complete Light Dry Cat Food with Chicken

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Adult - Dry Cat Food Light in Fat - Chicken Iams contains high quality animal proteinIams ProActive Health Light in Fat Rich in Succulent Roast Chicken is a complete and balanced dry cat food for sterilised adult cats or for those that have a tendency to be overweight. With L-carnitine, a natural fat burner, it also has 30% less fat than Iams ProActive Health Adult rich in Succulent Chicken. Iams cat food is formulated with prebiotics that work inside the digestive tract, to help promote healthy digestion and strong defences; fortified with seven essential nutrients to keep your cat's heart healthy and strong; and enriched with antioxidants to help support an efficient immune system. Developed with veterinarians to provide a 100% complete and balanced meal to keep your favourite feline strong, it is Iams' best cat food for overweight and sterilised cats. Moreover, the crunchy kibbles have No added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Also use Iams wet cat food for adults. Pack Size: 700.0gram Chicken for strong muscles Prebiotics and beet pulp for healthy digestion Weight control system (30% less fat versus Iams Adult Chicken) 7 essential nutrients for a healthy heart Rich in succulent roast chicken 100% Complete & Balanced Developed with veterinarians No added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives