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Butcher's Classic Fish in Jelly Cat Tins

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Butcher's Classic® is a complete cat food for adult cats. Classic Cat food is part of the Butcher's Pet Care family, creating mouth watering meals for your cat for over 10 years. As lovable as cats are, we know how fussy they can be when it comes to mealtimes. We lovingly apply our knowledge of meat and pet nutrition, producing delicious recipes that your cat will love. Our commitment to use fresh, natural ingredients helps to ensure that your cat will be a happy and healthy Classic Cat. Pack Size: 400g All the vitamins & minerals your cat needs High in natural meat protein providing essential amino acids for healthy muscles Nutritionally balanced and complete, so you do not need to supplement her meals with any other food Fortified with Taurine as Taurine deficiency can lead to heart problems in cats Made with natural ingredients - No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives Gluten free 2 x with Haddock 2 x with Trout 2 x with Ocean Fish