HiLife tempt me! Tuna Selection in Jelly 8 x 85g

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HiLife tempt me! is a complete pet food for adult cats To learn more about HiLife Petfoods visit: www.hilifepet.co.uk Find us on Facebook/HiLifeCat Follow us on: Twitter@HiLifeCat Just Tuna with PrawnsJust Tuna with Ocean Fish Established in 1974, Town & Country Petfoods is a family-owned and run British company. As a pet owning family we know how important all members of the household are - including our favourite feline friends. That's why we put together the HiLife range.HiLife tempt me! is formulated to give your cat all the nutrition he needs from a great tasting combination of real meat or fish ingredients in a range of jellies, sauces and gravies. At the same time we know you like to avoid unnecessary additives in your own food so we've done the same with these cat food recipes. You won't find any artificial additives in here.Our pets love their HiLife - we hope yours do too! Pack Size: 85g Really fishy! Pieces of real fish Nutritionally balanced No artificial additives