Butcher's Choice Lean & Tasty Dog Trays

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Butcher's Choice Lean & Tasty™ is a complete nutritious pet food for adult dogs. What is a healthy weight? A quick way to tell does your dog have a clear waistline, when viewed from above and the side? Your vet will be happy to check your dog's weight and for more information see www.butcherspetcare.co.uk Once you dog is at their ideal weight move to the maintenance programme. For best results combine the right food and exercise level to help keep your dog as 'Fit as a Butcher's dog™'. Lean & Tasty explained...Butcher's Choice Lean & Tasty™ offers two programmes, weight loss and weight maintenance to help get your pooch back in shape and doggy fit.The weight loss programme will help shift those unwanted pounds and get them well on their way to a healthy ideal weight. This part of the programme takes perseverance but ensures that your dog is receiving all the nutrients he needs to be fit and healthy. For optimal results do not feed any other foods, that includes treats (!) with the weight loss programme.30% less fat** - so there's less calories!**Compared to Butcher's Choice products The FactsAt Butcher's we know that 1 in 3 dogs* are overweight, if your dog is one of them you're not alone. Butcher's Choice Lean & Tasty™ has 30% less fat* and L-Carnitine to help get your dog to their ideal weight and maintain it. Lean & Tasty is a 100% complete, wheat gluten free food, with steam cooked ingredients making it a delicious nutritious recipe.*PFMA 'Pet Obesity Report' 2009 Pack Size: 150g 100% complete reduced fat Made with natural ingredients Converts fat to energy - L-Carnitine aids the conversion of fat into energy & promote a lean body mass Contains less fat - 30% less fat - so there's less calories! Easily digestible and gluten free - for sensitive tummies Weight control - offering both a weight loss and a weight maintenance programme No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives 1 x Made with Chicken with Rice and Veg 1 x Made with Turkey with Rice and Veg 1 x Made with Chicken & Turkey with Rice and Veg 1 x Made with Chicken & Beef with Rice and Veg