Butcher's Tripe Mix All Meat Loaf in Jelly Dog Tin

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Butcher's is a complete nutritious pet food for adult dogs. Tripe is a Superfood for dogs. Tripe contains just the right balance of calcium & essential nutrients needed for healthy bone and joint development. Keeping your dog in peak condition. Dogs love tripe! Our story... We are a family run business with a passion for happy, healthy dogs and this inspired our first recipes over 25 years ago. We pride ourselves on using only the most nutritious and delicious ingredients. This means no artificial colourings, preservatives or flavours and no soya or wheat cereal to bulk out our recipes, so they are gluten-free too. Butcher's recipes are everything a dog needs and nothing it doesn't, helping your dog to be as fit as a Butcher's dog! Pack Size: 1200g 100% complete meaty goodness All round health High in tasty protein Gluten free Contains all of the vitamins & minerals your dog needs No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives High in tasty protein