Kiwi Outdoor Cord Laces 140cm Black

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Outdoor cord black 140cm Kiwi Outdoor Cord Black Laces are the ideal companion for getting the best out of a range of tough-wearing, durable outdoor footwear, including hiking, trainers or even skates. The 140cm laces are designed for use with footwear containing 8 eyelets and offer an incredibly comfortable, reliable way to venture the great outdoors. The black colouration helps to hide away common muck and stains whilst the rounded cord design offers extra, long-lasting protection against the rigours of outdoor pursuits.To use the Kiwi Outdoor Cord Laces, simply remove from the packaging whilst ensuring that the length is suitable for the desired shoe. Take one of the aglets and thread it through the eyelets at the end of the shoe, making sure that the lace is evenly split between both sides of eyelets. Thread in your preferred style and tighten around the foot until comfortable. Although these laces can be used with almost any type of shoe, they are particularly effective when used with outdoor footwear. Kiwi has been dedicated to developing market-leading foot and shoe care products for over a century after William Ramsey innovated the first restorative boot polish in 1908. Since that day, Kiwi has continued to formulate highly effective and forward thinking products to provide for a wide-ranging customer base. We understand that the people we serve all have different shoe care needs, which is why everything from our Kiwi Paste Polish and Colour Shine products through to our Kiwi Shoe Laces and Suede & Nubuck Cleaners are available globally across a massive spectrum of designs and formulas. SC JohnsonA family company since 1886.Fisk Johnson Cord lace design offers extra toughness and durability making them perfect for outdoor pursuits Specially designed for eight eyelet footwear to offer maximum fit and comfort Easy to lace and can be quickly changed during training or times of intense activity Black colouration helps to hide stains and other obvious dirt Comfortable binding on top of the foot offers minimal distraction and maximum protection during use