Kiwi Extreme Shoe Protector

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Extreme protector No added PFCs Extra protection up to 15 rainy days Long lasting protection against water, snow & salt Suitable for all materials & colours Kiwi® Extreme Protector provides long lasting protection for footwear, jackets and outdoor equipment made from leather, suede & nubuck, textiles and material mix. Keeps the material breathing. Check colour stability on a less visible place first. No added PFCs* *Product not formulated with perfluorinated chemicals* like PFOA, fluorocarbons, C 8, C 6, C 4. More information on Kiwi Extreme Protector provides protection for your fabrics against water, snow and salt. Whether you want to waterproof your shoes, jackets, or any other material, this versatile protector is effective on leather, suede and nubuck, textiles and other material mixes. Our formula has been specially designed to allow material to breathe and will last for up to 15 rainy days. What's more, it contains no added PFCs, is easy to apply and suitable for all colours.In order to get the most out of Kiwi Extreme Protector remove any surface dirt from the fabrics with a brush prior to applications and shake the can well before use. Spray evenly on your material, keeping the spray can 20 centimetres away and leave to dry for thirty minutes before use. Colour stability should be checked on a less visible place first and larger items should be sprayed outside. For best results use this product regularly. Kiwi has been dedicated to developing market-leading foot and shoe care products for over a century after William Ramsey innovated the first restorative boot polish in 1908. Since that day, Kiwi has continued to formulate highly effective and forward thinking products to provide for a wide-ranging customer base. We understand that the people we serve all have different shoe care needs, which is why everything from our Kiwi Paste Polish and Colour Shine products through to our Kiwi Shoe Laces and Suede & Nubuck Cleaners are available globally across a massive spectrum of designs and formulas. SC JohnsonA family company since 1886.Fisk Johnson Pack Size: 200ml Provides protection against water, snow and salt Suitable for all materials Lasts up to 15 rainy days Contains no added PFC's Suitable for all colours