Raid Fly & Wasp Killer

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Fly & Wasp Killer Rapid Action Kills flying insects in seconds Suitable for flies, mosquitoes, tiger mosquito, wasps, hornets, moths and yellow jacket Raid Fly & Wasp Killer, with its advanced formula, effectively rids your home of flying insects. When it comes to common mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes, wasps, moths, hornets, yellow jackets and gnats, it's best to keep nature in the garden. This rapid-action spray stops bugs in their tracks and just a short spray into the air is enough to clear any room of unwanted pests. There's no need to attack bugs directly: all you need to do is spray into the middle of your desired room for 8 to 10 seconds, then leave the room, closing the door behind you, and within 15 minutes it will be bug-free. Be sure to ventilate the room thoroughly before re-entering. Alternatively, spray directly onto bugs entering your home for fast-acting extermination. Raid has been ridding your home of bugs since our first insect defence spray was formulated by SC Johnson back in 1956. Whilst keeping the family company feeling at the heart of everything we do, Raid has also made huge advances in technology and research, to boast a wide range of products combating anything from tiny ants and fleas to larger spiders and roaches. Whatever method you choose, whether it's eliminating pests with sprays, or preventing with baits and bug barriers, Raid has it covered. SC JohnsonA family company since 1886.Fisk Johnson Pack Size: 300ml Rid your home of flying insects A short spray clears any room Suitable for use on common mosquitos, tiger mosquitos, wasps, moths, hornets, yellow jackets and gnats Rapid-action advanced formula works in minutes Can be sprayed directly onto insects for fast-acting extermination