Raid Ant Killer Power

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Ant Killer Power Kills bugs dead Kills ants, woodlice, cockroaches and other crawling insects Raid Ant Killer Powder creates a protective barrier wherever you need it and works to keep unwanted pests out of your home. When it comes to ants, woodlice, cockroaches and other crawling insects, it's best to keep nature in the garden. This specially formulated powder is a no-fuss answer to your insecticide needs and can be used just about anywhere around the home - sprinkled directly onto the nest or layered on windowsill's and steps to turn insects away at the door.Get long-lasting protection by simply removing the cap from the bottle and tilting slightly downwards. With the exception of soft furnishings like carpet, dispense powder generously wherever it is needed. Ensure cracks are well dusted and form unbroken lines along entrance ways. When applying to a nest, uncover if possible. Secure cap and store safely. Leave powder undisturbed and reapply when necessary. Raid has been ridding your home of bugs since our first insect defence spray was formulated by SC Johnson back in 1956. Whilst keeping the family company feeling at the heart of everything we do, Raid has also made huge advances in technology and research, to boast a wide range of products combating anything from tiny ants and fleas to larger spiders and roaches. Whatever method you choose, whether it's eliminating pests with sprays, or preventing them with baits and bug barriers, Raid has it covered. SC JohnsonA Family Company Pack Size: 250g Protect your home from crawling insects Use to disperse and kill nests Suitable for use around the home Long-lasting protection with only one application Effective against ants, woodlice, cockroaches and other crawling insects