Harpic Power Plus Tablets

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Power Plus 8 Active Tablets Deep clean without scrubbing Removes 100% limescale Works in the u bend Harpic Power Plus Tablets start working immediately to thoroughly clean under the waterline, without any need to scrub. For ingredients: www.rbeuroinfo.com Harpic Power Plus Active Tablets are specially formulated to give your loo a deep and thorough clean with no need to scrub. They start working immediately, attacking stains with a foaming action to remove 100% of limescale and leave your toilet sparklingly clean. Quick and effortless to use, they clean below the waterline and in the u-bend, and are even suitable for use with septic tanks. Simply drop one Active Tablet into your toilet bowl and leave for at least 20 minutes (ideally 6 hours) before flushing. For regular cleaning, use 1 tablet per week or, for removing heavy limescale, use 2 tablets and leave overnight.For the Ultimate Cleaning System, why not use Power Plus Active Tablets together with Power Plus Liquid, Harpic's most powerful toilet cleaner? Available in Original, Citrus and Disinfectant varieties, the powerful formula clings to the bowl to clean and freshen whilst removing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, for a truly deep and hygienic clean with a fresh fragrance. Harpic toilet bowl cleaner was launched in the 1920s and has proved so successful it is now available in 70 countries worldwide. We also offer a complete range of toilet cleaning solutions, from liquid cleaners and bleach to tablets, wipes and blocks for both toilet bowls and cisterns - whatever your needs, Harpic has a product to help. What's more, we use recyclable packaging where possible, our global factories are carbon neutral and we're even planting over 2 million trees through the Trees for Change Project; so you can rest assured that our products are not only effective, but also a little better for the planet. Pack Size: 200g 8 Harpic Power Plus Active Tablets Provides a deep and thorough clean for your loo without scrubbing Works below the water line and in the u-bend Removes 100% of limescale Starts working immediately