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Glade Automatic Spray Relaxing Zen 269ml

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Automatic Spray - Relaxing Zen Hangable Eliminates odours and freshens Last up to 60 days* *Based on 36 minute setting Glade® Automatic spray brings delightful fragrance week after week automatically. Perfect for larger rooms of the home. Discover the meditative floral notes of Glade Automatic Spray Relaxing Zen and surround yourself in scented luxury. This tranquil aroma will restore harmony and cultivate a truly peaceful atmosphere. Compatible with any of the Glade Automatic Spray designs, this dispenser and refill can fragrance your home for up to 60 days. The frequency at which the aromas are released is adjustable, allowing you to tailor the level of fragrance to specific rooms, and during lockout time you can press the 'boost' button for an instant burst of freshness. To release the fragrance, simply push the refill into the bracket until it clicks into place, then pull out the red tab to activate the batteries. After that, just the device to your desired setting. Try placing one by your front door, so you're met by a welcoming scent the moment you come home. When your refill runs out, why not surprise your senses with another fragrance from our range, such as Bali Sandalwood and Jasmine? Glade, an SC Johnson company, has been freshening and fragrancing homes since 1886 and with over a century of olfactory expertise, we've become one of the most trusted names in the industry. Inspired by nature, we've worked hard to develop a number of unique product ranges encompassing a broad variety of candles, oils, gels, powders and sprays to keep your home smelling its finest. And with innovative new ways to dispense our lively fragrances such as Sense & Spray, there's sure to be one to meet your every need. Each year we release a series of limited edition fragrances to mirror the seasons, so your home and your senses are continually brought to life. What's more, our sprays have been proudly CFC-free since 1975 to ensure we are doing our best to help the environment. Glade, inspired by the best feelings in the world. SC JohnsonA family company since 1886.Fisk Johnson Pack Size: 269ml Release the unique fragrance of Relaxing Zen into your home Choose from three time settings - 9, 18 or 36 minutes Lasts for up to 60 days Use the 'boost' button for a burst of instant freshness Sleek, discreet and easy to use design 1 Automatic Spray Unit 1 Can 2 AA Alkaline Batteries