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Pledge Multi-Surface 5 in 1 Furniture Polish Wipes

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Multi-Surface Wipes Quick & easy 5in1* Quick & Easy *Streak free shine, removes fingerprints and marks, removes dust and the allergens it contains (from pet dander), dusts, cleans. An A.I.S.E. voluntary sustainability initiative Pledge 5 in 1 Multi Surface Wet Wipes gently clean surfaces throughout your home, leaving a streak free shine. Don't worry about finding the right wipe for the job, these wipes are suitable for use on stone, metal, glass and wood. Because the pack is resealable, they're always fresh when you need them. Whether it's tiles in the kitchen, bedroom windows, cupboards or units, you can trust our innovative design to lift dust, fingerprints and marks away with a minimum of effort, bringing out that newly-bought sparkle. What's more, they effectively cleanse your home of pet dander where harmful allergens can accumulate.Discover a world of easy cleaning by peeling back the seal to open the pouch. Take out a wipe and re-seal the pack to prevent contamination and drying. To clean and polish your furniture or surfaces, press cloth lightly and gradually increase pressure as you wipe. Use on larger pieces of furniture first and on smaller pieces last. Pledge is a name trusted by millions and has been keeping homes around the world both clean and beautiful since it was introduced by SC Johnson back in 1956. We understand that every house is different, which is why we continue to invest in new products and technologies to give you the best possible care for your possessions. From cleaning floors and windows to polishing steel and granite, we're committed to ensuring that we stay at the forefront of cleanliness across homes and businesses alike. SC JohnsonA family company since 1886.Fisk Johnson Removes dust, fingerprints and marks Lifts away allergens from pet dander Suitable for use on surfaces and furniture throughout the home 50 wipes in one handy resealable pack Streak free formula brings out that newly-bought shine