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Cillit Bang Power Cleaner Black Mould Remover

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Black Mould Remover Destroy mould fast with Cillit Bang Black Mould Remover. It's powerful Turbo Power formula means no need to scrub Ideal for use in damp areas and areas where mould is prevalent. Bang Power designed for: sinks, stainless steel taps, draining boards, bath tubs, toilets, showers, tiled walls, ceramic floors, acrylic, glass www.happier Cillit Bang Power Cleaner Black Mould Remover is the easy way to destroy black mould in your bathroom - fast! A hectic family lifestyle can take its toll on your home, damp areas like bathrooms can be more susceptible to mould build up. But Cillit Bang's brand new Turbo Foam formula effortlessly powers through even the toughest bathroom grime, obliterating unsightly black mould in seconds. Tiresome scrubbing? No need! Cillit Bang Power Cleaner Black Mould Remover will leave your surfaces shining with a minimal amount of effort. The 750ml pump-action spray bottle also helps you tackle your tubs, tiles and fittings with ease. Don't give mould the chance to establish a foothold in your home - eliminate it with the help of Cillit Bang today!This mould remover is simple to use: Firstly, turn the nozzle to the 'On' position and, whilst keeping the dispenser 20cm away from your desired surface, spray until covered. Leave the Turbo Power formula to work its magic for no more than 5 minutes before wiping clean with a damp sponge and rinsing the area, and the sponge, thoroughly with water. There is nothing else to do apart from revel in the results. Enjoy your mould free bathroom. Stains? They're what we're good at sorting out here at Cillit Bang. Ever since our powerful surface cleaner first hit the shelves all the way back in 2005, we've had the right cleaning solution for you - no matter what surface needs it, or how tough the dirt is! Nightmare stains? Clogged drains? No problem. Limescale? Gone in seconds. Cillit Bang's unique formula gets rid of even the toughest grime right before your eyes - day in day out, anywhere in the house; whether it's eliminating eyeliner from bedroom carpets or banishing caked on food from kitchen appliances and crockery. Bang! - and the dirt is gone. Pack Size: 750ml Statutory Conditions of Approval Relating to Use. For use only as a surface biocide. Apply 25ml of product over 1 square metre. Users must comply in full with all their legal responsibilities under the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986 (as amended), including complying with all Conditions of Approval. Read All Precautions Before Use. This product is approval under The Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986 (as amended) HSE No. 9749. Cillit Bang Power Cleaner Black Mould Remover Powerful formula with Turbo Power effortlessly destroys unsightly black mould Gets to work in seconds, with no need to scrub Large 750ml pump-action spray bottle lets you cover large areas with ease Ideal for use on many different surfaces