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Mr Sheen Multi Surface Polish Dust & Shine Original

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Brilliant shine Dust contains hidden nasties such as dead skin cells, dried saliva, and decaying insect waste. These tiny particles are food for dustmites and make the surfaces in your home unclean. Mr Sheen with dust trap technology is proven to pick up more dust than using a cloth alone. The unique formula acts like 1000's of tiny magnets, attracting hidden nasties with every spray... ...and because it's Mr Sheen it will leave your surfaces with that rewarding smear free shine and fresh polish fragrance. For ingredients: Mr. Sheen Multi Surface Polish Dust & Shine boasts a unique formula which is scientifically proven to attract and absorb unwanted particles from surfaces in your home. A hectic family lifestyle can take its toll on your home, and dusty surfaces can become a breeding ground for hidden nasties like dust mites. Unlike other polishes that spread or layer dust, this aerosol draws it away using Dust Trap Technology™ - proven to be more effective than using just a cloth - which acts like 1000's of tiny magnets to completely lift the dust, leaving a brilliant shine on surfaces such as wood, glass, metals and plastics, and our Original light fresh-polish fragrance. For no-fuss cleanliness, spray about 9 inches (23cm) away from the desired surface, applying a light film before buffing to a shine with a soft cloth. One can of this smear-free formula caters to your dusting needs throughout the home, from bookshelves and tabletops to mirrors and floor tiles. For truly dazzling results, why not use with Mr. Sheen Ultra Effective Wipes? Here at Mr Sheen, we are passionate about cleaning and constantly strive to find new ways to help keep your whole home stay invitingly clean and fresh. With over 60 years experience, we know a thing or two about cleaning, and use this expertise to formulate a range of effective products that really make a difference. From wood and plastic to glass, laminate, metal and even leather, our products work on a wide range of surfaces throughout your home, helping to combat stubborn dirt, trap dust and leave any room gleaming. Our Wood Polish is also available in a convenient spray for larger surfaces, or why not try one of our other products like Mr Sheen Multi-Surface Polish which traps dust throughout the home, or Mr Sheen Dilutable Floor Cleaner to clean and care for your sealed wood and laminate floors? Mr Sheen - shines umpteen things clean! By Appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Manufacturers of Antiseptics, Air Fresheners, Polishes, Cleaners and Laundry Products Reckitt Benckiser plc, Slough Pack Size: 300ml Mr. Sheen Multi Surface Polish Dust & Shine aerosol Unique formula with Dust Trap Technology™ lifts dust to leave a brilliant smear-free shine Lets you wipe away dust quickly and easily to prevent the spread of dust mites Original fresh-polish fragrance leaves your home smelling clean and crisp For use throughout the home on wood, glass, metals and plastics