Febreze Lavender & Camomile Fabric Refresher Spray

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Fabric Refresher Spray Lavender Lenor With Lavender fragrance from Lenor, experience the beautiful countryside of the French Provence, where fresh lavender notes and subtle hints of fresh cut herbs enchant you while the sun rises on the horizon. Febreze fabric refreshers are a breath of fresh for fabrics that are hard to wash, like sofa coverings, curtains and carpets. Everyday odours get trapped in fabrics in your home and are gradually released back into the air over time but with odour elimination technology, Febreze Fabric Refreshers neutralize the odours that get trapped in fabrics to stop them coming back and help your home to stay fresh. Eliminates odours and freshens Also try Febreze Air Effect aerosol to eliminate odours and freshen the air Pack Size: 500.0Millilitres Eliminates odours and freshens on all the hard to wash fabrics Removes odours while it dries Dermatologically tested Stain free application when following usage instructions