Bold Washing Capsules Peony & Cherry Blossom 18 Washes

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This limited edition drawn by the famous fashion designer Giles Deacon is vibrant and playful. This design evokes feelings of being draped in light fabrics that sway as you move. The Bold 2in1 Washing Capsules, with its separate compartments, gives your clothes a gorgeous long lasting fragrance that you will love, whilst cleaning and caring for fibres. Simply enjoy the floral fresh fragrance of peony and cherry blossom. Use together with Lenor fabric conditioners for an extra boost of softness and freshness to complement your favourite Bold liquitab fragrance. And if you really are crazy about scent, then we recommend trying Lenor Unstoppables on top of your favourite Bold 2 in 1 pods for up to 12 weeks of boosted freshness in storage 18 washes based on 1 capsule per wash Pack Size: 525.0Grams Detergent with a touch of Lenor Bold 2in1 brings together brilliant cleaning and the wonderful touch of Lenor freshness A unique blend of detergents, a touch of Lenor and fibre care agents Gorgeous fragrance that gathers armfuls of sweet peonies and delicate cherry blossom grounded by clean musky notes and crisp water to create a mood of pure romance Biological liquitabs (Liquid Tablets) Peony & Cherry Blossom