Lenor Fabric Conditioner Fresh Meadows 44 Washes

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Fresh Meadows Fabric Conditioner Wrap your family and yourself in long lasting softness with Lenor fabric conditioners. Have you ever noticed that a particular scent can bring forth a rush of vivid memories? Lenor fresh meadows exudes the freshness of nature. Crisp green notes and soft floral scents are warmed by a sandalwood base, invigorating the senses with happiness. There is a fragrance from Lenor Fabric softener for every mood. So go on and delight your senses with Lenor's Fabric Softner! Lenor believes garments have a special meaning. They transform how you feel, they make you more confident, they wrap you all around to comfort you, enhance your mood... Therefore Lenor cares for them to make sure they feel just right when you wear them - giving you the unbeatable freshness and softness. Lenor provides a long-lasting, fabulous fragrance, so get yourself in the mood with Lenor's range of aromas. Whether you want to feel relaxed and mellow or refreshed and invigorated, there's a Lenor for you - why not try them all and discover your favourite! That's why they've worked hard to create a range of fragrances that will appeal to every mood and keep your laundry smelling amazing wash after wash. Lenor believes pleasure can be found in the smallest moments, like when you pull on a super soft jumper that smells spectacular. That's what drives us to keep on innovating year after year. Pack Size: 1.1L 4X Longer Lasting Freshness - vs. Lenor Pure Care Fabrics feel soft and gentle next to skin Lenor scents are designed to make moments memorable Available in a variety of scent, so you can choose the freshness scent you prefer Trusted essential softness & freshness