Lenor Fabric Conditioner Moonlight Harmony 44 Washes

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Wrap your family and yourself in long lasting softness with Lenor fabric conditioners. Have you ever noticed that a particular scent can bring forth a rush of vivid memories? Reminiscent of a fragrant summer’s evening, Lenor Moonlight Harmony evokes thoughts of freshly cut grass carried by a warm evening breeze. The fruity green fragrance is delicately layered upon a base of warming musk, bringing an essence of long lasting comfort. There is a fragrance from Lenor Fabric softener for every mood. So go on and delight your senses with Lenor's Fabric Softner Infuse your clothes with a freshness as strong as 100 roses For impeccable clean and irresistibly fresh laundry results, use Lenor Fabric Conditionner with Ariel washing liquid or powder.Also add Lenor UNSTOPPABLES in-wash scent booster beads, for an extra boost of freshness. Pack Size: 1.1Litres 4X Longer Lasting Freshness** vs. Lenor Pure Care Fabrics feel soft and gentle next to skin Lenor scents are designed to make moments memorable Available in a variety of scent, so you can chose the freshness scent you prefer Trusted essential softness & feshness