L'Oreal Paris Body-Expertise Sublime Bronze Gradual Tan

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Paris Body-Expertise Sublime Bronze Gradual Tan Tanned and nourished with moisture, your skin never looks as beautiful as when you are on holiday. L'Oréal Sublime Bronze Gradual Tan allows you to build a natural-looking and streak free golden tan with confidence and keeps your skin feeling soft and smooth.Moisturising lotion for a sun-kissed lookEnriched with Hydralium™, Sublime Bronze Gradual Tan, intensely nourishes the skin and leaves it moisturised for 24hrs.Enriched with a light dose of Soft-Tan, a self-tan ingredient, allows you to progressively build a natural, sun-kissed look, day after day.Nourished and golden skin all year roundOnce applied your skin is hydrated and feels smooth.A light natural tan develops with regular applications.All year round, skin looks sun-kissed, as beautiful as just after your holiday.Velvety textureWith a velvety smooth texture and light fragrance. Pack Size: 200ml 24hr moisturising lotion Builds a natural-looking tan Hydralium + soft-tan Gradual sun-kissed look For daily use Fair skin