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Jungle Formula Maximum Insect Repellent Factor 4

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Ozone friendly aerosol spray with 50% Deet for long lasting maximum protection. Voted Product of The Year Consumer Survey of Product Innovation 2013 Winner Outdoor Healthcare Category Survey of 10,005 people by TNS Protect yourself from mosquitoes, midges and other biting insects with Jungle Formula - UK's best selling insect repellent. Jungle Formula Maximum Aerosol with 50% DEET and plant extracts for controlled application of long-lasting maximum protection. For travellers visiting areas with a high risk of malaria and other insect transmitted diseases provided that directions for use are followed at all times. Approved by the Hospital for Tropical Diseases. Also available in Sensitive Skin (IRF2), Natural (IRF3), Medium (IRF3) and Maximum Plus (IRF4). Pack Size: 150ml Insect Repellent Factor - Maximum 4 - the higher the IRF®, the better the protection Up to 9 hours maximum protection from a single application Repels all mosquitoes species incl. Tiger mosquito For areas with a high risk of malaria or other insect transmitted diseases For adults and children from 17 years