Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Ultra Replenishing Lotion with Shea for Very Dry Skin

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When you apply a moisturiser, how long does it take before your skin stops feeling hydrated?Garnier takes care of you with:Intensive 7 Days Ultra-Replenishing LotionLong-lasting hydration felt up to 7 days*Very dry skin formula enriched with:L-bifidus**Moisture replenishing anti-evaporation activeInspired by probiotics found in yoghurt, studies have revealed its capability to reinforce the skin's natural protective barrier, to help create an anti-evaporation effect and maintain long-lasting hydration.Shea butterFor the replenishing needs of very dry skinHarvested from the shea tree of West Africa, it is rich in essential nutrients known to build skin lipids to replenish extra-dry skin. Its soothing properties help relieve discomfort.ResultsSkin feels hydrated for up to 7 days after last application*:Immediately: very dry skin feels soothed and softenedAfter only 7 days of use: dryness -49%, roughness -25% and suppleness + 26%***After 4 weeks of use: a consumer study revealed that even if you were to stop applying, your skin would still feel hydrated for up to 7 days following the last application**After twice-daily application for 4 weeks. Consumer test on 80 subjects, 5 weeks.**Fragment of Bifidus.***Clinical scoring on 40 subjects. Pack Size: 400ml Hydration felt up to 7 days Fast-absorbing Rich, nourishing milk texture Non-greasy, non-sticky Dermatologically tested