Dove Derma Spa Goodness3 Body Lotion

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Body lotion Goodness3 is our fist spa-like body lotion to blend omega oil with Cell-Moisturisers™. This fast absorbing lotion transforms dry skin in three beautiful ways: for even-looking, luminous skin, that feels velvety soft.Pamper your skin full of moisture every day.Enjoy the richness of our Goodness3 body lotion from the moment you smooth it on in the morning, to the moment you slide into bed at night.We gathered together the people who know skin and the people who know beauty and came up with Cell-Moisturisers - key moisturising actives compressed from natural seed oils. We then blended this with omega oil, creating an indulgent, spa-like formula.The result? Goodness that works at the heart of your skin cells*, leaving you with even-looking, luminous, velvety-soft skin - a triple treat for your skin.Treat your skin to the luxury of a spa treatment, every day.Dove DermaSpa. Spa Experience. Dermatological Care.*Within the Stratum Corneum.Moisturises to transforms dry skin in three beautiful ways. For even-looking, luminous skin that feels velvety soft. The lotion's fragrance offers a delicious mix of creamy vanilla, succulent coconut and musk, as well as crisp citrus, energising ginger and fruity apple notes combined with a sophisticated bouquet of freesia and frangipani. The lotion features a unique elastomer technology, delivering the silky skin-feel of prestige brands, whilst also providing a proven skin protectant. Combines the luxurious sensory experience of a spa with all the expertise of dermatological care. Pack Size: 200ml Body lotion with omega oil for velvety soft, even-looking and luminous skin With cell moisturisers Specially created for dry skin Fast-absorbing Suitable for sensitive skin Dermatologically tested