Olay Regenerist Regenerating Moisturiser Night Cream

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Olay Regenerist Regenerating Night Cream works fast overnight, giving you younger looking skin while you dream. Its overnight sensation works fast while you dream for younger looking skin. Raise your skin energy with Olay line up.1. Cleanser: Designed to quickly and gently remove dirt and make-up leaving skin purified and prepared for the rest of your routine.2.Serum: Designed to be ultra-lightweight so it can be layered on the skin before your traditional moisturiser. Quickly absorbs and delivers anti-ageing ingredients deep into the skin’s surface.3.Moisturiser: Designed for long-lasting hydration and offered in 2 types – Day and Night. 4.Eye: Designed to be lightweight and used after moisturisers to hydrate the delicate eye area and address key eye concerns.5.Daily Treatments: Specially designed with advanced ingredients to treat specific skin concerns. Add these to further customise your skincare regimen. Pack Size: 50.0Millilitres