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Olay Anti-Wrinkle 2in1 Instant Hydration & Instant Wrinkle Smoother Moisturiser

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Olay Anti Wrinkle 2 in 1 Instant Hydration + Instant Wrinkle Smoother immediately infuses your skin with hydration and helps lock moisture in throughout the day. A special blend of particles smoothes the look of wrinkles and skin’s texture instantly. An Olay face moisturiser provides the essential anti ageing ingredients that your skin needs to stay younger looking. With our extensive range of products, we recommend trying the Olay regime, with a serum or Olay treatment cream (such as an eye cream), used with a face cream for the day, and then accompanied by a night cream to help moisturise your skin whilst you sleep. Try the Olay regime alongside your moisturiser today and feel your best beautiful. Note: Oil of Olay was the previous brand name for Olay. Olay hand cream/ handcream is no longer supplied in the UK. Not Available Pack Size: 50.0Millilitres Smoothes skin texture, the appearance of wrinkles and evens skin tone in an instant Olay’s moisture complex provides instant hydration that lasts all day Rebuild skins moisture barrier so you lose less moisture throughout time Smooth skins structure, reducing the appearance of wrinkles over time Instantly fresh, moisturised feel and smoother, more even looking skin Brighter, healthy-looking skin with daily use Quickly absorbed and non-greasy Won’t clog pores