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Bonjela Cold Sore Cream Invisible

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Cold Sore Cream Invisible Bonjela Cold Sore Cream is an effective way to treat cold sores and prevent them reoccurring.Bonjela Cold Sore Cream contains a cream based on the Active Medical Ingredient UV-Active™, which is effective against cold sores caused by herpes simplex virus type-1 (HSV-1)Herpes simplex is characterised by painful, burning, or itchy blisters on and around the lips. UV-Active™ creates a protective film layer on the skin cells of the cold sore and prevents attachment of virus particles to the cells.Additionally, it protects the skin against harmful environmental stimuli such as UV radiation.The product can be used by Adults, children aged 4 years and older and diabetics. Pack Size: 2g Fast acting Treats & prevents