Scholl Gel Activ Sport Women

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Gel Activ Sport Women Why Use Scholl Gelactiv™ Sport? It is developed to effectively absorb shocks and help reduce excessive pressure of running or sports. With a strong arch support and cushioning it is carefully designed to fit athletic footwear.GelActiv™ Technology: GelActiv™ technology provides superior shock absorption vs not wearing insoles and cushioning performance, with the ergonomically designed gel insert integrated in the insole. GelActiv™ is effective in absorbing micro shocks and helps reduce the excessive pressure of activities like walking or running.Impact cushioning for joints**Joints refers to joints on your lower leg like knees and ankles Fits Shoe SizeUK: 5-8Aus: 6-9UK: A-5 B-6 C-7 Full-8Aus: A-6 B-7 C-8 Full-9 GelActive technology Strong arch support for active feet Impact cushioning for heel, knees and ankles Sole-shape design for all day comfort