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Age Precision™ Digital Thermometer Age-adjustable for the whole family. Because the definition of fever changes with age.Age Precision™ Thermometer with colour-coded display.Professional accuracy*. Fast 8 second reading**Clinical research shows the definition of fever changes with age1.What is a normal body temperature in a 4 year old may be regarded as fever in a newborn. Braun Age Precision Thermometer helps you interpret temperature based on age in 3 simple steps:1 Press 'Age Precision' button to select the age2 Take measurement3 Assess the temperature with colour coded displayAge Precision is optimised for underarm measurement.* ± 0.1ºC between 35.5ºC and 42ºC.**Refers to the shortest reading time achieved in clinical studies.1 Herzog L, Phillips S, Addressing Concerns About Fever.Clinical Pediatrics. 2011; 50(#5); 383-390New Braun Age Precision™ Digital Stick PRT2000A handy age-adjustable thermometer that helps you understand your child's temperatureAge Precision™ age adjustment Colour coded LCD to help interpret temperatureLarge LCD screen Separate Age Precision™ button Separate switch-on button Gentle flexible tip Fast 8 second reading Professional accuracy Sound fever alarm Last reading memory recall Smart silver blue design BPA and latex free - child safeBraun digital stick thermometers bring you all of the quality, accuracy and innovation of the Braun brand but in a smaller product. Now with new Age Precision™ technology, this Braun digital stick thermometer helps you interpret your child's temperature even more accurately, based on the age of the child, to give you additional reassurance.How does Age Precision™ technology work?It couldn't be easier. Simply select your child's age and the colour coded display will help you understand the temperature reading based on the age of your child.With new Age Precision™ technology, you can take and interpret the temperature of a child or any family member in three simple steps:Step 1Set your child's age with the Age Precision button.Step 2Take the temperature. A reading is taken in 8 seconds and confirmed with a beep.Step 3The colour coded display will help you understand and interpret the results and act accordingly - green (normal temperature), yellow (elevated temperature) and red (high temperature). Advice on feverFever AdviceAs a parent, you know how important it is to have information you can trust. Here, you'll find helpful resources to assist you in body temperature monitoring for your child from the No. 1 brand recommended by doctors and pediatricians.*We tell you more about monitoring and interpreting your child's temperature and how our new Age Precision™ technology can help you do this, to take the guesswork out of taking temperature and bring you additional reassurance. We hope you find this information helpful as you learn more about what makes Braun your professional partner when it comes to monitoring your family's body temperature.* No. 1 in awareness, usage and recommendation. Source: Ipsos, online study among n=802 GPs and Pediatricians in four European markets (n=200 each in GE, UK, FR, NL), fielded May-June 2012 Flexible tip BPA free 2 year guarantee 1x Braun Temperature 1x Protective Cap 1x 3V Battery