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Lyclear Sensitive Head Lice Treatment

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Sensitive Head Lice Treatment Lyclear Sensitive lotion is the first gentle to hair and skin head lice treatment proven to kill 100% of head lice & eggs in 1 application only.Lyclear Sensitive double action formula with Oxyphthirine® is clinically proven to kill 100% of head lice and eggs. It works by suffocating and dehydrating head lice and eggs.Its non-greasy formulation washes out easily and contains no essential oils, perfume nor alcohol.In case of re-infestation or abnormal infestation, treatment needs to be repeated. Pack Size: 150ml 1 bottle = sufficient for 1 person with long hair or 2 people with medium to short hair. Kills head lice & eggs 100% effective in 1 go Gentle to hair & skin Leaves the hair soft and easy to comb Non-greasy, washes out easily No perfume, no essential oils, alcohol free Dermatologically tested No insecticides Comb included Lyclear Sensitive includes: Bottle with easy to use applicator Comb