Canesten Cream Combi Internal & External Creams

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10% w/w vaginal cream & 2% w/w cream ClotrimazoleCanesten Thrush Combi Internal & External Creams clear the infection and calm the itch. It is a suitable option for women who are looking for a treatment that works at the site of the infection, but do not feel comfortable using a pessary.The single-dose internal cream comes in a pre-filled and easy to use applicator. The pack also contains a double strength* external cream to calm the itch. This option may be preferred by those suffering from vaginal dryness.A vaginal thrush infection may cause any of the following symptoms: whitish, odourless vaginal discharge, persistent burning, itching, redness, swelling and soreness of the vagina and vulva.For women who have previously been diagnosed as suffering from vaginal thrush.*Compared to Canesten 1% Cream Treats the cause and symptoms of thrush 1 Pre-Filled Applicator with internal cream 1 Tube of Soothing Cream