Duck Rimblock Cage Purple Wave

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Ensure your toilet stays clean and fresh with Duck 3 in 1 Rimblock Purple Wave. This multi-action rimblock attaches easily to the toilet rim ensuring that a measured dose is distributed evenly around your toilet with each flush. Not only does our concentrated formula kill bacteria, it also cleans with each flush and strips away limescale, to ensure that stains don't stick. Duck Rimblocks are available in starter or refill packs in several different fragrances.Installing Duck 3 in 1 Marine couldn't be easier. Unroll the hook and position the rimblock under the rim as close to where the water flows as possible. Each time you flush the water will push through this innovative rimblock delivering a burst of cleansing Purple Wave freshness to your toilet bowl.Duck, an SC Johnson company, is at the forefront of cleaning innovations, providing your home with professional tools to help keep your bathroom clean, limescale free, and fresh. We understand how important it is to have a germ-free bathroom that's safe for the whole family and offer a variety of ways, from rim and in-cistern blocks, to disposable brushes and liquid cleaners, to ensure that all homes can enjoy the unique cleaning power of Duck. Our products are available in a number of fragrances across multiple product ranges to guarantee your bathroom is not only hygienic but smells great too. We are committed to health and environmental issues, and every one of our products are designed to meet, or exceed, governmental standards. Duck, providing cleaning products that make tough jobs easy.SC JohnsonA family company since 1886.Fisk JohnsonWith protective shield, New cleaning formula, Cleans with every flush, Prevents the build-up of limescale, Fragrances for up to 4 weeksWith glade fragranceCleans with every flushFights limescaleLong lasting freshness