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Duck Fresh Brush Holder & 4 Refills

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Duck Fresh Brush Toilet Cleaning System has all the benefits of an ordinary toilet brush but none of the germs. When you clean a toilet with a dirty brush, it only looks clean. Now you can flush the brush and ditch the germs after each use - keeping bacteria where they belong. Forget germ-infested brushes: Our most hygienic toilet cleaner yet combines all the benefits of an ordinary toilet brush without the build-up of filth and germs. With its powerful foaming and cleaning action, grime can be easily flushed away so the only thing breeding in your toilet bowl is a zesty citrus scent.For porcelain that shines: simply attach a cleaning pad to your handle and wipe down your toilet, scrubbing out the cracks and crevices. Then release the pad and flush away. Our handy starter pack includes everything you need to get started: a handle with storage holder and 4 flushable cleaning pads. Duck, an SC Johnson company, is at the forefront of cleaning innovations, providing your home with professional tools to help keep your bathroom clean, limescale free, and fresh. We understand how important it is to have a germ-free bathroom that's safe for the whole family and offer a variety of ways, from rim and in-cistern blocks, to disposable brushes and liquid cleaners, to ensure that all homes can enjoy the unique cleaning power of Duck. Our products are available in a number of fragrances across multiple product ranges to guarantee your bathroom is not only hygienic but smells great too. We are committed to health and environmental issues, and every one of our products are designed to meet, or exceed, governmental standards. Duck, providing cleaning products that make tough jobs easy.SC JohnsonA family company since 1886.Fisk JohnsonBetter cleaning formula - compared to previous formula., Powerful foaming & cleaning action, Great for everyday touch ups, Fresh citrus action scent, Flush the germy mess awayBetter cleaning formulaFlush the brush, ditch the germsPowerful foaming & cleaning actionGreat for everyday touch upsFresh citrus action scentFlush the germy mess awayBetter cleaning formula*.*compared to previous formula. The only toilet cleaning system that is flushable, not messy and easy to store.Refill cleaning pads available.Cleaning pads are biodegradable and suitable for septic