Atkins Day Break Muesli Cereal

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A great start to a great day.Enjoy a delicious breakfast with our Atkins Crunchy Muesli. It's 50% lower in carbs than regular crunchy muesli's, which are higher in sugar. Atkins Crunchy Muesli is high in fiber, so perfect to kick off your day. Enjoy our Crunchy Muesli in a bowl with milk or yogurt.If you are balancing your carb intake as part of the Atkins Diet; don't forget to count the carbs from the milk or yogurt as well. 25g of Muesli and 75 ml of Milk or Yogurt contains about 10g of Carbs. In Phase 3 and 4, you can add fresh red berries for more freshness and taste.The Original Low Carb Expert**Atkins has been providing educational information about low carb diets and lifestyle for over 40 years.Phase 3 4This product can be used in phases 3 and 4 of the Atkins Diet™The original carb expert, 60% less carbs than regular crunchy muesli, Carb reduced, Low sugar, High fibre, With protein, No added sugar, contains naturally occurring sugarsCarbs are what you count when you are balancing your carb intake as part of the Atkins Diet™For more information about the New Atkins Diet and products, please visit us at